Machine learning for maximum performance


It may be surprising with all of the hype in the news, but machine learning isn't being used in the wireless physical layer, even in 5G. We asked ourselves, why not? In answering this question, Black Lattice has perfected a new class of algorithms for multi-antenna (MIMO) wireless systems.

For the consumer, we give a huge boost in data throughput, battery life, and reliability whether on their smartphone, laptop, or streaming a video on the latest 8K television.

For the wireless carrier, we provide higher spectral efficiency and lowered infrastructure costs.

For the OEM and chipmaker, we enable a higher performing, more profitable product.

Not bad for a drop in replacement of existing technology. The Black Lattice wireless solutions are fully compatible with current and upcoming protocols including 5G, LTE, and WiFi 802.11n/ac/ax. All we need are multiple-antennas and a processing chip to upgrade.

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